Tricia Helfer is replacing Yvonne Strahovski on NBC’s spy comedy, Chuck.

For an episode at least.’s Michael Ausiello has a piece delineating that General Beckmann (Bonita Friedericy), ever concerned that Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Strahovski, my future ex-wife) have grown too close to effectively work together, replaces Agent Walker with Special Agent Alex Forrest (Helfer, my future ex-mistress).  Forrest is a no-bullshit ass kicker, emotionally detached and cold-hearted, which pretty much makes her John Casey’s (Adam Baldwin) dream girl.  Helfer’s run is scheduled to only be for one episode.

Ausiello also has other casting news regarding Jonathan Cake (Six Degrees) and Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl, Brooklyn Decker, the former being macho MI6 agent, Cole Barker, who catches Sarah’s eye and makes Chuck feel more inadequate than usual, and the latter being a potential hire when Jeff and Lester take over the hiring process for the Buy More.

Thanks to Feral for the tip.