Here’s the new trailer the 12 Days of Deadpool campaign promised us. Here’s the naughty red band version:

And the slightly nicer green band one:

I was pretty resigned to just letting Deadpool be that movie that the Internet really wanted and somehow got. It’s undeniable that the film is immensely juvenile and aimed squarely at the fourteen year old market (Zoolander 2 is going to get a healthy bump in ticket sales thanks to kids paying for that movie and then sneaking into Deadpool), but over the course of a wonderfully focused and confident marketing campaign, I’ve come to really like Deadpool. There’s an air of “the little R-rated superhero comedy that could” about it, and this is the first time that Ryan Reynolds’ comedic attempts have been working for me. I love the self-deprecating humor towards Green Lantern and now X-Men itself (“I don’t have time for your X-Men bullshit, Colossus!”), the crudeness feels oddly refreshing in a market where everyone adored Captain America telling Iron Man to watch his language, and I just dig how assured this movie is in its jokes. I still think this film is wearing its low budget on its sleeve, but even that doesn’t seem as distracting as it once did.

I’m ready for Deadpool to be a healthy shot in the arm to the superhero landscape. If we’re going to be inundated with these films, I’d rather we get a heftier amount of R-rated ones from time to time. There’s a Blade shaped hole in my heart that longs to be filled, and stuff like Kick-Ass just doesn’t do it. Punisher: War Zone did it, but we all decided to ignore that until it was too late.

Deadpool upsets a bunch of lame parents on February 12.

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