Well, we’ve been waiting for news about GTA IV‘s downloadable content for quite a while (it was originally supposed to be hitting around now) but we finally have a name and details for it. The Xbox 360 exclusive episode is called Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, and will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace on February 17th.

As you can tell from these new screens, it’s all about Liberty City’s biker gang.

No longer will you control Niko. The episode will instead feature a new main character and a plot that intersects with the storyline of the game. There will be new multiplayer modes, weapons, vehicles, and most importanlty- a soundtrack with new music. Does this mean we’re going to get biker tunes? Nice.

Still no word on pricing for this one but if I could wager a price I’d say 20 bucks. That DLC did not come cheap, you know… Microsoft paid 50 million to Rockstar for its exclusivity.

More as we hear it!