I’m not expecting Deadpool to be some kind of incredible revolution in superhero cinema, but I figure it’ll be a nice bit of candy for my inner thirteen-year-old. But good God, the marketing campaign for it has been unbelievably great. They are playing to their audience extremely well, and every time I’ve seen the trailer in the theaters, people have given up some hearty laughs. And that’s the green band version! And now, the marketing machine is winning even more points with a 12 Days of Deadpool event, giving us twelve treats all the way up to a new trailer on Christmas. Besides the announcement video, we’ve also got another poster that is ensuring a whole lot of teenagers are going to love this flick:


Perfectly crude and juvenile, and that’s exactly what this movie should be. February 12, I hope your present to us is as good as these trailers and posters.

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