For those who still follow Hong Kong cinema with fervor, a new Wilson Yip / Donnie Yen movie is an event. Sure, Flash Point, their last, wasn’t the extravaganza S.P.L. was, but it had a few high points. And Dragon Tiger Gate had the world’s largest punching bag, which has to earn points.

But I’m more interested in Ip Man, the duo’s upcoming semi-biopic of Yip Man, the first man to openly teach Wing Chun, and eventually mentor to Bruce Lee. More because Yip Man is an interesting figure — very well educated, he became a police officer and taught Wing Chun to other officers and friends before opening a martial arts school in Hong Kong after fleeing the onset of Communism in mainland China.

Much of the story will be lost in this trailer, which features no English dialogue. But you can see the style and enjoy all the punching — and since Wing Chun is such a notably practical close-combat art, there sure is a lot of punching. Thanks to Twitch for the clip.