I’d like to think of the ‘fat suit’ era of films as fully over and done. No more need we suffer the sweat and talc haze of Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Martin Short or anyone else as they fuel their creative engines with lard. Granted, this is America, so Tyler Perry is probably going to strap on some foam tits once or twice more, but I’ve been happy to mentally create an insulated bubble in which a third Nutty Professor movie, just to name an example, could never come to fruition.

But Universal needs cash (like every other studio) so they just hired some Hovitos to shoot a dart into my bubble. Wrapped around the shaft was a note: “Writers wanted to get nutty.” The only reason to keep hope alive at this point is that this is just a chance for writers to pitch; Universal and Imagine Entertainment don’t have anything set in development, nor do they have the cooperation of Eddie Murphy, which THR surmises would be a pre-req for Nutty 3.

This would be the place to muse about how recasting and finding a new direction might — might — result in a film worth watching, but I really hope you don’t actually care.