is probably outside of Bloody Disgusting’s general mission statement – the indie film stars Sam Rockwell as an astronaut who gets stranded alone on the moon for three years – but thanks be unto them anyway for dragging this one into the spotlight. If this doesn’t look like one of the coolest little movies heading our way (and it is heading our way, technically – Sony Pictures bought it, but I don’t know if that’s big Sony or Sony Pictures Classics) then I don’t know how to finish that sentence.

Bloody Disgusting has snagged a whole passle of pictures, and among them are some gorgeous shots of Rockwell which capture the mood of the piece. And are those miniatures and models in some of the shots? Hosannah on high (if so)! Actual physical objects in a small movie instead of CGI is exciting. And if that’s CGI, I like the look of it.

The picture above is the tip of the iceberg. For all the rest, head over to Bloody Disgusting.