I don’t usually run images that I think are absolute fakes, but this one has been sent to me enough times today to warrant inclusion just so that you, the loyal Chewers, can talk about it amongst yourselves. Originating at the Johnny Depp fansite Johnny-Depp.org, this picture purports to show Depp in costume as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. There are some alarm bells to be rung, though: first, the image looks softened to hide tell-tale Photoshop traces (I’ve seen a few Shops in my time). Look at that bunny – is it painted in? Second, will Depp even be wearing a costume? The film is being touted as part live action/part CGI, so we don’t even know who will be unmolested by pixels in any given scene.

However, this design looks just shitty enough to be real – could it be concept art? Lots of concept artists wil Photoshop actors into designs. It could be a not real picture of Depp but a real representation of how he’ll look in the film. Or maybe it’s real and I’m just overly suspicious and paranoid of strange internet leaks in my old age.

Make up your own mind: