Wow. I figured that X-Men: Apocalypse was going to look silly, but this is approaching Gods of Egypt levels (which I guess is appropriate considering the Egyptian connection). That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is giving me X-Men: The Last Stand flashbacks. There’s maybe too many returning and new mutants and a battle so comic book epic in scope that it can’t help but come across as overwrought. Oscar Isaac looks like he’s having a fun time, but I’m not sure I will be.

And is it just me or are a lot of the CG effects in this trailer really, really bad? I know someone will say, “Guh! It’s a trailer! They’ll improve on the effects by the time the movie comes out. Why are you even writing about movies?” First of all, those effects don’t always improve by the time the movie releases (thanks, nooj!), but more importantly, if you release footage out into the world as part of your marketing it’s open to criticism. And the majority of this stuff looks bad. I hope it gets majorly worked on before the film’s May release, because if some of this is the final product, yeesh.

I’ve always dug the X-Men (as someone who was made to wear glasses at an extremely young age, I always identified with Cyclops. Still don’t think this movie will give him his due), but maybe it’s time to put this franchise to bed for a while. Can Fox still hold onto the license if they make stuff like Deadpool and those TV shows they’re talking about, or do they have to make X-Men feature films? Genuine question.

It is somewhat charming that this trailer’s big reveal is a bald James McAvoy. More of that kind of silliness please.

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