This morning I was awakened at 7:30 by the Fed Ex guy. He had a Priority Overnight package for me; I blearily tore open the envelope to see what was so important as to wake me up at a decent hour on a work day. My sleep-encrusted eyes soon opened wider, though, as I realized what this package contained:


Two American dollars. Two Canadian dollars. And five Euros.

It had a letter from Louis Salinger of Scotland Yard (he looks quite a bit like Clive Owen in the attached picture), asking for my help in cracking the case against The International Bank of Business and Credit, The IBBC.

There was also a memory stick, and a whole bunch of papers. As I leafed through them I realized that this was a viral alternate reality game for Sony’s The International, a movie about an evil international bank that is either super timely or completely fucked by the recent economic collapse.

I looked at some of this stuff and couldn’t be really bothered to ‘solve’ anything, so I leave it all here for you, the loyal Chewers who are looking to do something on your company dime besides work.

The memory stick featured a Quicktime movie called STOP THE INTERNATIONAL. Here it is:

The two dollar bill enclosed in the packet has a stamp reading THIS IS BLOOD MONEY, so I assume that’s a good bill to use to begin your quest on, as mentioned in the video. That bill’s number is L 21699601 A.

The memory stick also contained a folder labeled ‘Berlin Evidence’ (the package included a world map with Berlin, London, New York and Los Angeles marked). It contained an MP3 and some images. Here’s the MP3:

Click here to listen.

And here are the images.

Happy ARGing.