recently visited Guillermo del Toro’s Bleak House – his offices and
library and work area – and one thing I learned is that the man is
prepared to work at all times. Every room in the house offers Guillermo
a chance to sit down and start typing… even the bathroom.

just one of the man’s many secrets to being incredibly prolific, and
those secrets will come in handy in the months to come as he starts
serious pre-production on The Hobbit films and gets a couple of other projects off the ground. One of these is The Champions,
a film based on a British science fiction show. In the original, a team
of secret agents are rescued from a Himalayan plane crash by an
advanced race that bestows them with super powers.

another secret to being prolific is working with other people on
occasion. To that end, Guillermo will be teaming up on The Champions with Christopher McQuarrie, the scribe behind the upcoming Valkyrie and The Usual Suspects. The two will be writers and producers on the United Artists film. There are no hard and fast dates for anything doing with The Champions at this point, though.

those of you out there familiar with the original: is it something
worth seeking out now, or should I wait until the inevitable deluxe
rerelease of the DVDs of the short lived show?