Rank Name 72hrs. Each Lifetime
1 Quantum of Solace $70,400,000 $20,400 $70,400,000
2 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa $36,130,000 (-42.7%) $8,888 $118,018,000
3 Role Models $11,710,000 (-38.9%) $4,185 $38,137,000
4 High School Musical 3: Senior Year $5,879,000 (-35.8%) $1,836 $84,392,000
5 Changeling $4,247,000 (-41.4%) $2,240 $27,625,000
6 Zack and Miri Make a Porno $3,200,000 (-49.0%) $1,448 $26,519,000
7 Soul Men $2,428,000 (-55.1%) $1,186 $9,449,000
8 The Secret Life of Bees $2,400,000 (-22.3%) $1,656 $33,689,000
9 Saw V $1,790,000 (-56.0%) $894 $55,403,000
10 The Haunting of Molly Hartley $1,649,000 (-50.3%) $1,039 $12,695,000

This just in: A pile of used records.

Well lah-de-dah, James Bond made a lot of money. A little over $70 Million. That’s a pile. It puts it a little over Bourne Ultimatum‘s opening weekend, by about a mil. Which puts it in good steed to get to $220, if it doesn’t get wiped out by Twilight. If it did, that’d be pretty funny. The film cost $200, but it’s already made that internationally. So in this case, the American numbers are likely the icing the cake gets.

Madagascar 2 is making money. Supposedly, Barack Obama is already apologizing for this, which pissed off current president Bush. What Obama didn’t do is apologize for Role Models, which has a shot at making more money than Forgetting Sarah Marshall. A little over $60, here you come! And an unrated DVD (and Blu-ray with digital copy) later, and everyone can afford that new Prius.

The air smells horrid here. Even in my apartment. Thanks, widfires. 

HSM3 is going to get close to $100, but how close is unknown. It could get to either side of it, it all depends if its audience is the Twilight audience. Right now, it’s also an uphill climb. Lots of uphilling.

Changeling should get to near $40, and though Zack and Miri are doing about the same business, the latter should top out around $35, while the Secret Life of Bees should get near $40. All of these are better grosses than Soul Men could ever dream of. It’s like The Weinsteins stopped caring and are simply going through the motions at this point. I’ve had lovers like that, and it’s dispiriting.

Eagle Eye is out of the top ten, but has made almost $99 Million (a bitch: ain’t one). It’s going to get there, yes it will. But Saw V may not make it to $60. That’s the breaks, that’s the breaks.

How big is Twilight? I have no idea. The soundtrack is the number one. The film cost around $35 Million, so that hundred it makes will be gravy gravy gravy. But Summit – the releasing company – couldn’t sell Sex Drive. Will they trip on their genitals? It’s happened before.  But it won’t this time. How well and how big is. Will it play for just a weekend, or will the audience go back endlessly – especially with such weak competition. The owl from the Tootsie Pop ads knows, and he keeps saying “three” but that’s not really an answer.