UPDATE: Check out the teaser trailer in the comments section below!

Does anyone still care about Tarzan? He feels about as culturally relevant as The Lone Ranger or Commander Cody. I don’t know if anyone told David Yates this because he’s got a Tarzan movie coming out next summer. It’s called The Legend of Tarzan and these pictures and poster prove it’s a thing that is happening:

Tarzan-1 Tarzan-2 Tarzan-poster

Thanks to those Harlequin romance shots above, I’m wondering if The Legend of Tarzan will be a family-friendly version of Tanya’s Island. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be the case. This iteration involves Tarzan and Jane going back to the jungle to save some of Tarzan’s vine-swinging buddies, and Tarzan’s (he now goes by John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke) now civilized manner must take a backseat to his primal awesomeness.

Other than the promise of copious male nipples, I can’t see anything in The Legend of Tarzan worth getting excited about. Maybe the encroaching trailer will change my mind, but I doubt it.

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