Writers Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury must rub the Weinsteins the wrong way. According to Bloody Disgusting, the duo has been relieved of their writing duties on yet another Dimension film. This time it’s the sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween.

Bustillo and Maury had previously been tapped to write and direct the upcoming Hellraiser remake but the studio tossed out their script so that Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, whose credits include the Feast films and the last two Saw entries, could work some of that Saw IV magic.

Maury seemed enthusiastic when he discussed the opportunity to continue what Rob Zombie started in an interview with Rue Morgue back in September. The fact that they keep getting replaced really makes me curious about what they intended to do with two of the most popular horror franchises. While there hasn’t been an announcement as to the status of the film, Bloody Disgusting reports that the Weinsteins are hopeful that Rob Zombie will let them put his name on the box, er, remain with the rebooted franchise as a producer.