Despite some negative buzz coming out of test screenings for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the new trailer for the movie (which is certainly being overshadowed on the internet by the Watchmen trailer release) makes me feel pretty good about it all. The footage looks fantastic, I love the effects in the pensieve and just seeing these characters again makes me happy.

Half-Blood Prince is the penultimate Harry Potter book (but the third to last movie, as the final book is being split into two films), and it’s got some of the heaviest mythology and some of the most important action beats – which early reviews claim aren’t serviced properly. Personally, what I see in this trailer indicates to me that everything I need to see in the movie is there.

Sadly we still have to wait. The film was supposed to be out next week, but Warner Bros shoved it to 2009 to fill the massive writer strike shaped hole in their summer.

Click here to see the trailer in every possible format, and even download it to your iPod.