When I see people blaming homeowners for the financial failures, the parallel I always think of is the drug trade. Drug dealers get punished more than drug users.


There’s only one film this weekend.

It’s sort of strange that James Bond is also an American phenomenon. Then again, the film series got launched partly because (Dead) President John F. Kennedy was a fan. But for Forty-plus years, everyone around the world has enjoyed the travails of James Bond.

Last week I wrote about how the presidency may effect cinema, and how long that takes. Bond has definitely reflected the changing course of the world, and you don’t have to look at Moonraker to see the films trying to achieve relevance through current cinema. But what may be most sad about the modern Bond film is that we are no longer a culture in enthralled by Playboy. This also speaks to Star Trek. James Bond and James T. Kirk like to fuck. And we as audiences like to watch these lustful men make their way through swathes of gorgeous women. But though that attitude and culture still has sway in America (see: Mad Men). Nowadays, Bond doesn’t so much bed. And that is a tragedy. We’ve got a mournful, vengeful Bond, partly because the filmmakers liked what they did with the Bourne franchise, which worked to be the Anti-Bond. Funny how that gets ripped off. But critical reception means nothing to these films, and hasn’t for a very long time. Die Another Day, one of the worst of Bond, made over $400 worldwide. It really doesn’t matter the quality of the film, something shown in that Quantum of Solace has already grossed over $160 Million worldwide I think one of the interesting things about Bond is that it’s a multi-generational phenomenon. Young men love Bond as much as their fathers do. At least me and my father’s generation, who were happy to spend Sunday night watching You Only Live Twice on ABC.


How big is Bond? Casino Royale opened to a little over $40. But people love this movie. Where The Bourne Ultimatum opened to $69. I think $70 is about right, especially with the film’s reduced running time. But people love that Casino Royale, so if the film does closer to $100, that wouldn’t be all that surprising.

The only competition is Madagascar 2, which did some rather impressive numbers last weekend. So if the film does around $40 this weekend, we may have a top two doing over $100 regardless. And, hell, Role Models may also keep playing.

So then, there’s that:
1. Quantum of Still a Bad Title – $73.7 Million
2. Madagascar: Escape 2 Legit 2 Quit – $41.5 Million
3. Role Models – $10.2 Million
4. Changeling – $6 Million
5. High School Musical 3 – $4.8 Million

And then Sunday.