I like Joe Hill. Even though he hasn’t had the time to become the juggernaut of genre fiction that his pappy is (but in all honesty, horror will never have as far-reaching an author as Stephen King), all of his novels have been satisfactory to great (from least favorite to most: Heart-Shaped Box20th Century GhostsNOS4A2, HornsLocke & Key). And now it looks like one of his books is making another transition to the screen.

AMC has announced that they have put a series adaptation of NOS4A2 into development. The story concerns a young girl (who eventually grows up in the later half of the book) who has an uncanny ability at finding lost things and utilizes a special way of transportation to reach those things. Unfortunately, her gift is shared by a malicious child-snatcher called Charlie Manx, and when he finds out she has this special gift, he will stop at no lengths to capture her.

NOS4A2 is Hill’s biggest mythological book yet, even attempting to attach itself to elements from his dad’s universe of characters. It’s also extremely creepy and fucked up. The character of Manx snatches unhappy or unwanted children away and takes them to a place called Christmasland where they never grow up. Consequently, he is able to stay alive by sapping their youth from them which turns the kids into immortal hellbeasts. It’s fun!

The last Hill adaptation, Horns, was an okay movie but a really bad adaptation. The book was a total joy though, so I’m hoping NOS4A2 is a better adaptation. It’s got a main character who grows up throughout the course of the book and a lot of cool fantasy elements that feel less Once Upon A Time-y and more in line with what AMC will (hopefully) be doing with Preacher.

Shall we discuss Joe Hill stuff in the comments? I still think his comic series Locke & Key should have gone past the pilot phase. That concept is utter brilliance.

Source: Deadline

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