Just as I finish writing up about how 2015 was a great year for Westerns, Lionsgate releases this new trailer for Jane Got A Gun:

The production of this film will probably make a better story than the finished movie (original director Lynne Ramsey walked out during the first day of principal photography and took Jude Law with her), and though there’s a lot working against this flick (this by-the-numbers trailer and a dump of a release date), I can’t help but be drawn in by a western siege flick. Plus, are you seeing Ewan McGregor in this? He looks to going for something of a Dr. Arliss Loveless look and I am loving it.

This will probably be disposable, but even disposable westerns are more than worth a watch these days. Jane Got A Gun reunites three Star Wars prequel actors on January 29.

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