I watched Layer Cake again the other night, which primarily served as a refresher course for the fact that Matthew Vaughn can be all sorts of brutal when he wants to. Anyone who digs the Mark Millar comic series Kick-Ass, currently being put to film by Vaughn, should have nothing to worry about with respect to the violent, over the top nature of the source material. (Never having read the series, I can’t say if that’s a good thing or not.) Newsarama‘s brief account of a visit to the set suggests the same thing, as they saw multiple instances of, for lack of a better term, crazy shit.

Newsarama’s report, which comes complete with a couple photos of Aaron Johnson in costume as the titular would-be hero, also confirms that the hero-parody gimp suit sported in the comic’s pages is in full effect for the film. That does more than anything else to get me interested in this. I always liked the wild psycho-sexual costumes and identities Rick Veitch used in Brat Pack, and I’m getting some of the same vibe here.