Judd Apatow’s latest film, Funny People, is shooting right now. I’ve read the script and have to say that this has the makings of a really interesting, next level take on the usual Apatow formula*. I liked it a bunch.

I’m not as taken with the poster above, which looks a little like a TV Guide ad for the fall premiere of a new sitcom (Funny People - Tuesdays at 8 This Fall on CBS!). But hey, that’s just early promotional stuff. There may be more goodness coming.

More goodness like: you. Yes, you can win a walk-on role in Funny People. Want to know how? I turn this article over to Judd himself:

* isn’t it funny that we say he has a ‘formula’ when he’s directed two films? It’s what happens when you get branded. And then become a Hollywood comedy behemoth!