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I feel like a dick because I really don’t have tons to say about this week’s episode. There’s a number of reasons for that. Firstly, this really wasn’t much of a Flash episode. This felt much more like it was “Flash visits the Green Arrow” and also acted as a big setup for another completely different kind of show (which, duh doi, is exactly what this is). It doesn’t help that this is the first part of a two-part episode, so things just feel very unresolved and setup-y anyways. Add to this mess that I don’t watch Arrow and you’ve got a perfect recipe for a Drew-flavored shrug.

I mean, I enjoyed this episode well enough for what it is (and I’m definiitely stoked for Legends of Tomorrow), but it did next to nothing to advance the actual ongoing plot of The Flash. Other than the Velocity 6 serum that was invented, not much has changed in the fight against Zoom.

I guess Patty is one step closer to learning about Barry’s identity, so that’s good. I don’t know how involved the Arrow part of this crossover will be in regards to The Flash‘s storylines, but if it’s substantial enough, I’ll do a write-up for it. Sorry if I’m sounding unmotivated, but I’m in this game for The Flash. As cool as Vandal Savage was (and he was cool), I’m not super invested in all that stuff quite yet. Get back to me when I’m recapping Legends of Tomorrow in January.

Favorite moment: I know there’s lots of comic book action and quippy repartee to choose from this week, but I gotta get a little mushy: Cisco talking about his feelings for Kendra and not wanting to reveal his powers. “She laughs at my jokes, she loves movies.” That’s about all it takes for me to go gaga for a girl, so I know that feel Cisco.

Unfavorite moment: Jay Garrick. Having him just waltz in to solve the B-plot’s problem and the waltz right back out was a big dose of annoying. I’m wondering why the writers have him around at all at this point other than for big plot moments. If they aren’t going to utilize him as a genuine character (I know he’s all, “I can’t help you because Zoom makes me pee my speedster pants,” but he really should be a stable member of The Flash’s control room), I’d rather he just get his speed back and toss off back to Earth-2.

Next Episode: Running to Stand Still (or maybe the Arrow episode Legends of Yesterday)