The first eight minutes of Resident Evil: Degeneration are available online courtesy of IGN, followed by a short red-ban clip of zombie chowdown. Check it out-

At least it doesn’t take long to get to the zombies. As you can see, the animation looks about the same quality as a Resident Evil cutscene, and the dialogue is just as clunky and overacted. Whether that’s good or bad is up to you, I guess. It’s also got a lot of the strange Japanese cliches, like the little annoying sidekick girl who won’t shut the hell up with her squeaky voice and who (probably) maddeningly doesn’t die. This is why Italians should make more zombie films… who didn’t love seeing that little red-headed brat get de-brained during The Beyond?

At least it already looks better than Resident Evil: Extinction. Faint praise, I know. I just want to find the person that thought that Milla Jovovich would make a convincing action hero and choke him out. (It was you, wasn’t it, Paul W.S. Anderson?)

Degeneration hits North America in DVD and Blu-Ray versions at the end of the year (December 30th), but the North American theatrical premiere is actually sold out at the NYC Horror Film Fest tomorrow. I’ll be sure and come back here with a review for you folks. Should be interesting to see it with a crowd, to say the least…