Samurai Jack, while being hugely inspired by (read: ripped off) Frank Miller’s graphic novel Ronin, is an absolute treasure. Creator Genndy Tartakovsky was able to channel his success from Dexter’s Laboratory and his involvement with The Powerpuff Girls (both great cartoons in their own right) into an action cartoon unlike any other. Fans have long been wanting a return to the world of Jack (Phil LaMarr) and his battle against the villainous Aku (who was voiced by the late great Mako), and it looks like they’ll be getting it.

This teaser is barely even a teaser, but it confirms that Samurai Jack will rise from the ashes next year:

Heck, why not have a poster while we’re at it? Click it to embiggen:

samurai jack teaser poster

The show will return to Cartoon Network’s Toonami block of programming. No definitive date has been set. Until then, why don’t you go read Ryan Covey’s Doomsday Reels entry on Samurai Jack? It’s a good’un.

…Gotta get back, back to the past.

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