…up that is.  Word has it that Sam Jackson is looking to turn London into a crater, and Jim Caviezel looks to stop him.  That’s the story coming out of The Hollywood Reporter about their new film, Blown.  Martha Fiennes (Onegin) is set to direct the two in the terrorism thriller, where Caviezel is to play MI6 agent Will Matlock, who has to match wits with Jackson’s Julian Lezard, a businessman who’s planning a big bang.

Fiennes, who has a couple of brothers in the industry as well, is also prepping a take on Mata Hari.  She is also producing with cinematographer husband, George Tiffin, who also wrote the script.  The ever-busy Samuel L. Jackson, coming off of Lakeview Terrace and Soul Men, has also recently been announced for The Last Dragon remake as Sho’Nuff, and will next be seen as The Octopus in Frank Miller’s The Spirit.  Meanwhile, Caviezel will be changing sides of the bomb from his Deja Vu role.  He’s also slated for Bill Gallagher’s upcoming The Prisoner remake.

No word if the inevitable stick figure one sheet with the two stars and a stick of dynamite has reached the MPAA yet.