It’s the Internet’s favorite binary dance. Arrested Development, the movie, is on. Off. On. Off. We’ve heard many of the show’s major cast members say one or the other with respects to a feature film continuation of the three-season television show. Jason Bateman says it could be on. Michael Cera says no way. Scott Baio says ‘please?’ Carl Weathers stands in the corner eating a donut.

Now Collider has quotes from Jeffrey Tambor, obtained at the DVD party for Hellboy II, suggesting that the film is on. “We’re doing it. We’re going. It’s a go. I just this week talked to Mitch Hurwitz, so we’re doing it.” When asked by Frosty about a script, Tambor said “no, but when the writer calls you, the director and the executive producer, that’s a pretty good sign.” Because Tambor is fantastic, it’s difficult to discern whether he’s messing with Frosty or not. You can watch the clip and decide.