My Name is Bruce is cleaning up in its limited release, and the producers are eager to get cracking on a sequel, reports Shock Till You Drop.

Says Dark Horse Entertainment’s Mike Richardson, “We have an idea where [Bruce] is going to visit a country in Europe and he thinks he’s got an all-expense-paid stay there,” he explains. “They put him up in a big castle and he thinks there are groupies running around, but they’re not really groupies, they’re minions. It’s Bruce and he’s going to play the same clueless character.”

Ted Raimi is reportedly ready to return to play another half dozen characters.

But I’d have to question how well the concept would hold up for another film. My Name is Bruce is definitely fun, but even by the end of its short running time the joke got old. Richardson told STYD “It’s unfortunate about some of the reviews that came out of the press that were by people who don’t get [My Name is Bruce] at all,” Richardson sighs. “We made this for the fans and for a specific fan, the Bruce fans. I count myself as one. Every Bruce fan we’ve shown this to has a lot of fun.”

I’m wondering if my review’s included in that… and also now if there was another reason than “scheduling conflicts” that my interview with Bruce was canceled. I count myself as one of his fans and while the film is entertaining enough it’s very shallow and doesn’t quite live up to the concept.
Course, the real question here is- why would Bruce do a sequel to this and not Bubba Nosferatu? It still just doesn’t make any sense…