It looks like Paramount is taking a page from the Warner Bros/Zack Snyder playbook and taking 20 minutes of their new Star Trek prebootquel to the journalistic masses. The first stop was London (next is New York – not sure if it’s coming to LA or if my noisy agnosticism about the film is keeping me out of the screening!) and the good people at Empire Magazine saw it and loved it.

They go into very serious detail about the four clips shown, which are pretty spoilery and give you a good sense of what this movie will be like – full of action and horrible dialogue. Examples:

Scotty: “The Enterprise? I’d like to get my hands on her ample nacelles, if you’ll pardon the engineering parlance.”


Uhura: “I’m impressed, for a moment I thought you were just a dumb hick who only has sex with farm animals.”

Kirk: “Not only.”

It’s important to note that these are the lines Empire chose to single out for praise.

Anyway, nobody expected a lot of crackerjack dialogue from the pens of Orci and Kurtzman, so it’s all about getting this franchise a jump start with excitement and imagination. Empire says that seems to be what JJ Abrams has done.

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