You kids today probably know Cheech Marin from some cartoons and Robert Rodriguez movies. You may know Cheech & Chong by reputation, or from their movies. But before all of that they did stand-up comedy and released a number of very funny albums (I put the Big Bambu picture here because that record, from my father’s collection, was my favorite on which to deseed my weed and roll my joints) and did a stand up routine for years. Now, after decades apart they’ve come together for a new tour and are making a movie of it, which will be released by The Weinstein Company.

But before you wonder ‘Is there an audience for a comedy tour movie’ and ‘Does The Weinstein Company have a budget to even market such a thing?’ know that it sounds like this bitch is doing a TV and DVD release only.

Here’s some vintage Cheech & Chong stuff. It’s not their best, but ‘Dave’s not home’ was probably their most popular catchphrase. Also, I’m too lazy to really comb YouTube for other stuff.