I guess there are people out there who really care about the idea of Karate Kid being remade. You probably don’t want to hang out with these people, but they’re almost certainly out there. So here’s to you, about to be apoplectic fans of Ralph Macchio:

Will Smith’s son, Jaden, is going to star in the remake of the film.

Yeah, it’s a big change – Jaden is 10, so the entire feel of the remake will obviously skew younger than the original (which probably mostly appeals to 10 year olds – literal and emotional – anyway), and I have to imagine that the Cobra Kai kids will be a little bit less menacing. Although this version will definitely have racial overtones since it’s being shot in Beijing, making the new kid in town conceit a little more severe. But just imagine how great it will be to see Jet “I’m retiring after this one, I swear!” Li teaching Will Smith’s little Thetan-free kid how to kick some righteous ass.

By the way, IGN reported this jazz a while ago, but it just broke officially in the trades.

One more by the way, in two parts:

1) Doesn’t that picture convince you that Jaden should star in a live-action Boondocks?


2) Doesn’t that picture look like Will and Jaden are remaking the R Kelly video?