tremors fuck you

Tremors is a really good franchise, but I’d argue that the original is a stone cold American classic. One of the myriad reasons the movie is so enjoyable is thanks to leading man Kevin Bacon, and his character Valentine McKee has been sorely missing from the subsequent offerings in the franchise.

Well, according to EW, there is nothin’, and I mean nothin’ between Bacon and returning to Tremors. He’s announced that he will produce and star in a new Tremors TV series. Blumhouse Productions is also footing some of the bill.

Hot damn, this is great news. The world can always use more Graboids, and considering that the most recent entry in the series was surprisingly enjoyable (read Ryan’s review here), I have high hopes for this endeavor. Bacon also says he’s a big fan of the series because of the practical effects, so you know that tradition is going to stay alive.

As soon as we hear more about this, we will be reporting it. Until then, I’m gonna stay on top of some residual boulders.

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