Wow. I was expecting Legends of Tomorrow to be extremely comic book-y, but Great Caesar’s ghost! This looks like one of the nerdiest things ever put to film. The silliness on display here is utterly infectious and I find myself in awe that such juvenile pleasure will exist on television.

A few specific moments I wanted to draw attention to:

  • I love, love, LOVE Rip Hunter’s light-up revolver.
  • The “men of steel/dark knights” line leaves me wondering if the DCTV-verse is finally going to acknowledge some of the A-listers in a big way. It’s a cheesy line, but it shows some promise for expanding this world into the big leagues.
  • Speaking of that, was that freakin’ kryptonite in that display case?
  • I’m into this show for a lot of reasons, but a big one is the Captain Cold/Heat Wave duo. Having not watched Prison Break, this pairing makes me wonder if I need to check out that show. These two have delightful chemistry.
  • I knew this was going to be a time travel show, but for some reason I only thought about that in regards to the future. I was an idiot to think that this team wouldn’t go mucking about in the past, and that’s a hoot. I can’t wait to see superhero shenanigans in different time periods. I’m also hoping the budget allows them to do really goofy stuff like medieval episodes.
  • I really hope Vandal Savage is good, because he’s one of DC’s most interesting villains. He’s looking good here, that’s for sure.

Having not watched Arrow, I wonder if I’ll be completely in the loop with everything going on, but the show had better make it accessible for those who are coming to it fresh. This looks like it has the potential to out-fun even The Flash.

Legends of Tomorrow premieres January 21. I may reread Crisis on Infinite Earths between now and then.

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