Been a while since I’ve written one of these; I kind of feel like I should make them count, so I really don’t post unless I have something to say. There are many things I want to talk about — how Zac Efron gets a bad rap and The Wire are two recent ideas –but it takes me a while to actually put together something worth saying. The most recent entry in my John Sayles Sojourn on Alligator and The Howling will be up later tonight, though.

Something short, though, on my mind. I don’t really talk about it a whole lot (except in the last blog) because I don’t want to be that guy, but last summer, I directed a film, my first. Monday of last week, I saw the rough cut, and, once I got over thinking about what went on the day we shot, I really enjoyed it. My producer is much more detached from the project than I am and she says we have a solid picture. I’m inclined to believe her at this point. This whole experience has been very surreal due to the fact that it’s even been happening, so while I’m continuing to put in the work necessary regarding press kits and composers and pilots, I’ve decided to enjoy it a little.

One of the things that pleased me most about the way the film came out were the actors. I love actors, I know a lot of actors, even though I myself am not one. We got incredibly lucky with this cast — they’re all unknowns, but they’re all very talented and I think most of them will be able to find steady work. One of them will, mark my words, have an Oscar within the next decade (assuming we’re all still around by 2018).

Some them have already begun to get work in the industry, too — one girl just booked a job as Isla Fisher’s stand-in on that Shopaholic movie she’s doing. Another friend’s been on Law & Order: SVU (with Michael K. Williams, but not on screen together). I watched the episode of SVU, but I asked my friend, flat out, “Does this mean I have to go see Confessions of a Shopaholic?” She laughed and said no, it’s just day work so she can get her SAG card.

That whole thing got me thinking, though — obviously, I’ll see anything any of the actors in my film do for the rest of their careers, whether it’s stage, tv, television.  But what happens when they start booking gigs I’m not interested in? I am not a fan of chick flicks, generally. Nor would I be that thrilled if one of them got a job on, say, Heroes.

I guess that’s one aspect of what friendship is, to Doogie it up. I know I’ve had a lot of friends who have done shit for me that they didn’t want to do, or weren’t necessarily 100 percent into. It’s a give and take on both sides. But you know, these actors, they took this script I wrote and did something good with it.

So I think I owe them that.