This season of Fargo has been phenomenal. I was skeptical of its chances in comparison to the unbelievably great first season (especially with season two being a prequel), but it has more than proven itself worthy. We’ll see if it pans out, but I have no reason to doubt Noah Hawley’s ability to stick the landing.

For us fans, it’s great news to hear that the show will be back for another run. Nothing is known as far as the next season’s plot is concerned, but I’m in for whatever the story will be. I’d be interested to see if the show maintains its continuity or if it uses its third season to break out and tell a completely unconnected story. One of the best surprises from the first season was the way the show decided to connect to the film’s narrative, and I’d love to see another tangential connection make its way into the television show.

Regardless, this is good news for anyone who loves good TV. I’m sure Schwartz is excited to have another season to recap in the future.

Source: THR

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