I love sloths. Not as much as Kristen Bell loves them but close enough. So this new Zootopia trailer is hitting me right in my soft spot. But more than it featuring one of my favorite animals on the planet, it does that really smart trailer thing where it just lets a scene play out. Big Hero 6 did it as well and it sells the movie’s concept and tone a whole lot better than any chopped together trailer ever could. It helps that this scene is pretty funny even though it’s predictable and obvious (sloths working at the DMV). Flash’s reaction to the joke is damn adorable though.

I’m still sketchy on what Zootopia‘s overall narrative will be (it’s quite obviously a buddy picture), but this trailer has my ticket purchased. Put sloths in a movie and I’ll be there on opening day. Sloths could have possibly saved Terminator Genisys. …Possibly.

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