Fair enough warning?

Need a Game of Thrones fix? How about a teaser poster that seem to imply that everyone’s favorite bastard isn’t out of the game yet:


I find it somewhat humorous that the cynicism towards permanent death that is so prevalent in comic books has now made its way into television. This is surely another side effect of the geek inheriting the earth; no character will ever be considered truly dead now. Just look at the recent hullaboo with Steven Yeun’s character on The Walking Dead. Jon Snow is doomed to the same “of course he’s coming back!” mentality, and that kinda sucks out a lot of the impact of his death (which was HARD).

Jon Snow will return, it seems pretty obvious at this point. It’s not like Kit Harrington is getting called to do another Silent Hill sequel or a spin-off to Pompeii. Westeros is his bread and butter. Expect him back at some point (my money is on the last episode of season six as a stinger) when the show returns next year. And look forward to more of Schwartz’s excellent recaps.

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