Now that’s a vision of Spock. Paramount let loose two new Star Trek teaser posters today, and Zachary Quinto’s Spock sheet is damn near iconic. Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk has that old-school ‘Clooney in ER’ stare, which doesn’t call up much that has to do with the classic Shatner Kirk, but probably tells you something about the new Abrams-directed character.

If nothing else, this makes Pine look like he could get work as the stand-in for The Leader should another Hulk movie ever get off the ground.

Click each poster to embiggen, should you like that sort of thing.

UPDATE: And, as mentioned below in the comments, these are either the same shots from the original Comic Con teaser posters, albeit significantly manipulated, or else so close that the difference on Kirk’s shot is all but irrelevant. I’ll continue to like this shot of Spock more than any other — the dramatic lighting, versus the more bland Comic Con shot, does Quinto some favors.