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Joe Scarborough, the conservative host of Morning Joe, let’s the bad word spew forth when commenting on a Rahm Emanuel story.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: Nice try, but O’Reilly’s still got ya beat:


NBC has given a full 22-episode order for sophomore drama, Life, starring Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi. 

Mitch’s Take:
I could do a 10 – 20 stretch with Sarah Shahi, myself:

Former late night talk show host Arsenio Hall returns to television with two new shows: MyNetworkTV’s The World’s Funniest Moments and TV One’s 100 Greatest Black Power Movies.

Mitch’s Take: Congrats, Arsenio.  But you’ll never top this:


Family Guy spinoff, The Cleveland Show, featuring Cleveland Brown, has received a full 22-episode order from Fox.

Mitch’s Take: Can’t be much worse than the football team.


: has compiled a list of 17 of TV’s most underrated actresses, among them Alyson Hannigan, Summer Glau, Yunjin Kim and Katee Sackhoff.

Mitch’s Take: Not true.  I appreciate these ladies every day.  Several times in fact:

NBC show Heroes is throwing the spotlight on some of its villains, including Sylar, played by Zachary Quinto, in its Nov. 10th episode, “Villains.”

Mitch’s Take: I’m sure Jesse and Jeph are thrilled…

Tina Fey, who moonlighted at her old job on SNL during the recent Presidential election season, is planning to retire her Sarah Palin parodies to concentrate on 30 Rock.

Mitch’s Take: Hey, whatta ya know, art imitating life…