Um…I’m not usually the type to say “I told you so,” but last week CHUD did a review of Knight Rider’s latest episode, where I may have mentioned that the show needed to be re-tooled and some of the extraneous cast shown the door.  Then word comes out from The Hollywood Reporter today that the show is indeed doing just that.  Coincidence?  Yes of course, but still…

According to the article, the options of co-stars Sydney Tamiia Porter (Carrie), Yancy Arias (Alex) and Bruce Davison (Charles Graiman) weren’t picked up for the back nine of the show for this season.  And the premise of the show is being adjusted to be in line more with the original show: to focus more on Michael and KITT and helping the every man and dropping the terrorist-of-the-week format.  The cast will be Justin Bruening (Michael), Deanna Russo (Sarah), Smith Cho (Zoe, the oversexed techie) and Paul Campbell (Billy) and Val Kilmer (KITT).  The show is also switching to Sunday nights, with a kick-off possibly coming after a Sunday night football game. 

Show runner Gary ScottThompson said that it was difficult to let the cast members go, and had nothing to do with the actors themselves.  I never faulted the actors themselves either, but the characters were next to useless on the show and written terribly, except for Graiman, whom I’m surprised they’re cutting.  No word on whom will assume the leadership role of Knight Industries, but the article did say that they might do a little more stunt guest casting.

This is definitely a step in the right direction.  I hope the show goes for a much more serious tone, while keeping some of the humorous elements between KITT and Michael.  If you look at Season 1 of the original Knight Rider, including the pilot, the show was quite a bit more serious, before it became all about the turbo boosting and camp.  The original Michael Knight even used a gun on occasion, which he didn’t for most of the rest of the run of the show.  Now all the producers have to do is lose the KITT F-150 mode and they should be good to go.

Thanks to John for the tip.