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Edgar Wright is one of our most valuable directors. He has yet to make a bad movie and his particular brand of energy is irreplaceable. Anything he does should at least be considered viewing for any modern cinephile.

Today’s news adds a new wrinkle of excitement to Wright’s career. He’s teamed up with DreamWorks Animation, and will direct and co-write an animated feature “centered on the concept of shadows.” David Williams Walliams (Little Britain) will be the other writer on the project. Nothing much is known beyond that, but it sounds like something Wright could have a blast with.

In fact, his frenetic style seems perfectly suited for animation. It’s no surprise then that some of his first attempts at film-making as a teenager were in the field of animation. Considering Wright’s love of fantastic cinema, I have to believe he has something really unique in mind when it comes to playing with shadows.

This is nothing but a seed of a news bit, but I’m hoping that ti grows into a mighty oak of awesome. The world can always use more great animated features. Heck, is it too much to dream that Wright might bring some old school animation techniques to this film? It probably is, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for some kind of return to traditional cel/2D animation at some point.

Source: Deadline

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