I’m in the weird position right now of reporting on something I can’t really write much about. Earlier this year I visited the set of Terminator: Salvation and saw everything. Everything. Every new design and set and character and everything. A lot of it was exceptionally cool – if you guys saw what I saw and didn’t know McG was directing this film, it would be one of your most anticipated 2009 releases, hands down.

Now much of what I saw has been revealed via what looks like a special feature for the T4 DVD. The video is called The Art of Martin Laing, and it’s a look at the really nice concept art and designs that Laing (an incredibly cool guy who I have run into on a number of set visits now. We’re like old buddies!) created for the film, and how they’re brought to life.

You get to see the motorcycle Terminators, which are ejected from a 70 foot tall Harvester Terminator. There are also peeks at other robots that I can’t explain any more without breaking my embargo.

I don’t know how long this video will be available, so head over to Jalopnik to see it (thanks to RJ for the heads up). Start getting a little bit excited for the movie – if nothing else, I think this is going to be a great, exciting summer blockbuster with scope and size.