Danny Boyle’s latest film, Slumdog Millionaire, is a moving bit of brilliance, a film that really earns its heart-warming ending. It’s a movie that’s filled with a lot of hope. So maybe he’s ready to get a touch hopeless next – he tells SciFi Wire that he’s considering directing 28 Months Later, the second sequel to 28 Days Later, himself.

“I’d certainly like to,” he said at the Slumdog junket. “I feel the idea is quite a strong idea, and it could well involve directing it. Yeah, absolutely.”

Boyle was actually very involved with 28 Weeks Later, to the point of shooting the opening sequence himself (it’s the best part of the movie. Everything after that is downhill). I’m interested in hearing what the ‘strong idea’ is, since the ending of Weeks essentially left it open to just being a global pandemic zombie movie.