Holy awesome.

One of the lingering questions about Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious
has been what sort of music we’d hear in the final cut.
The forgotten and obscure cuts that pepper his films probably won’t fly in a period flick (though I’d love to see him try) and he never uses much in the form of an original score. The RZA might be the closest he’s had to a major composer; Tarantino flicks are more likely to have credits for music supervisors and consultants. So would Basterds feature forgotten songs appropriate to the
’40s, or
something else?

That question might be answered, thanks to Italy Global Nation, by way of The Quentin Tarantino Archives. The outlet reports that the legendary Morricone has accepted an offer to score Inglorious Basterds.

Quentin Tarantino and Ennio Morricone have had a long, indirect
relationship. Morricone once famously turned down a request to score small
parts of Pulp Fiction, and then rather than using new music from the composer for Kill Bill, Tarantino and the RZA recycled some of the his older work.  

Morricone turns 80 today and has been accepting less work in recent years. Now the question is: how much Morricone material will actually grace the film? Could be only a couple of minutes, or Tarantino could try to extract what might be one of the composer’s last notable full scores.

UPDATED: The QT Archives have pulled their story, but the source at IGN still stands — is this not as done a deal as we’d like?