Having not seenĀ Now You See Me, I don’t have much to really comment on for this trailer to the sequel. A lot of people have told me that the original is worth checking out, and I do maintain a boyish infatuation with the art of prestidigitation. This new trailer looks even more batshit crazy than the last, but I can’t deny the minuscule genius of blending a heist movie with stage magicians.

The only highlight for me (other than a bumbling Daniel Radcliffe) is the shot of Lizzy Caplin shaking doves out of her coat. That moment made me go full hyena. Someone please turn that into a gif. The look on her face as this dovegasm just explodes out of her clothes… priceless.

Now You See Me 2 arrives on June 10, 2016. Convince me to watch or avoid the first film in the comments below. And seriously, someone make that gif.

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