I’ve been told that I never really give a movie a shit review. I usually find something to like in it. Sometimes it’s a movie that most perceive to be shit, and then when I see it, I end up really liking it.

This all started with Battlefield: Earth. Back in 2000 I had heard that it was the shittiest of the shit. I prepared myself to hate it when my parents took me to see it. What happened? I found it to be hilarious, and I liked it so much that I bought the talking Terl doll, and a mini figure of Ker. I got these at a bargain price, because by the time I saw it in late summer in the dollar theater, the toys were just being gotten rid of at such low prices. The Terl doll was only $10.

It’s also because of a dear friend of mine that I’ve known since we were kids. He’s the one that I’d watch old horror movies with, and would usually say “It wasn’t that bad.” and we’d proceed to talk about the few bits that we liked.

There was on occasion when I would refuse to see something, like Krush Groove. I took one look at it when he rented it and saw the Fat Boys rapping in their 80’s attire, and refused to see the rest of it on account of it looking to 80’s and cheap. I was a kid and didn’t realize what I was saying. That was a bad move, as I now regret not seeing it then. I now proudly own it on dvd.

All this has led to me seeing movies in a different light. If I read that something is crappy, I’ll wait and be the judge for myself. I won’t cop out and go along with everyone else either. I’ll use Seagal’s recent crop of DTV flicks as well. He did one that was universally regarded as being a terrible movie. That movie was Attack Force. It’s a generic as hell title, and it was once a sci-fi flick that got chopped up in the editing room into a regular action flick. Also Seagal’s dubbed by what sounds like a 75 year old man. It’s one of the most hiarious movie’s I’ve ever seen. This is one I can say I truly enjoy on a cheesy and ironic level, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

I try to give every movie that one chance that it at least deserves, and most of the time I end up being entertained. That’s all most films really need to achieve.

Rene’s song of the day: “Main Theme from Foxy Brown” by Willie Hutch

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