I don’t care if you are a panty waisted liberal; unless you hate America you should join us in being excited for The Expendables. As Nick reported last week, that’s Stallone’s writing/directing/starring effort about a team of mercs taking down a dictator in South America. Which, in the wake of the stupidly amazing Rambo, should be the best film of 2009.

Stallone calls the movie “an ensemble for ugly tough guys” which is all you should need to hear.

Now Stallone says he also wants Forest Whitaker in the cast. Which isn’t quite the guy I expected to join Stallone, Jason Statham and Jet Li. But goddamn, Whitaker can be SCARY when he wants to be. So yes. Let’s do it. This is wishlist material only at the moment, but like Stallone I want it to happen. Whitaker would be “a devious CIA agent involved in the

So far, this project sounds too pants-shatteringly entertaining, so there’s got to be a catch. And there is. Stallone is talking about a PG-13 rating. “It
won’t be a blood fest,”
THR quotes him saying. Because apparently Rambo used up his allocation of corn syrup and digital squibs for the rest of the decade. Too bad about that. But I’m there regardless.