No one told me it was going to be an extravaganza of Alien-related news today, but this should please some people who aren’t as thrilled with the direction the franchise has taken. Released in 1988, Dark Horse Comics’ Aliens was a something of a big deal. It worked as a sequel to James Cameron’s film and predated the eventual fate of Hicks and Newt in Alien³, and some may say their fate in the comics was better handled. Dark Horse shaped a lot of the Alien mythos, including the first showdown between the alien and the Predator, and even though none of it was canon, it was a big part of a lot of fans’ love of the universe.

In honor of its 30th anniversary, Dark Horse will be releasing a hardcover version of the collection. The story was penned by Mark Verheiden and drawn by Mark A. Nelson. For those of you who were looking forward to Neill Blomkamp’s potential Aliens sequel, this might be a nice way to salve the wounds of that product’s cancellation. Check out the cover to this thing. It’s pretty cool!


The hardcover will go on sale April 26, 2016. You can pre-order through Amazon if this sort of thing is your bag.

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