It’s been a monumental week, and I can’t think of a better way to bring it to a close than with a new Pixar trailer. The second spot for Up, the story of old man Carl Frederickson and his journey to South America, features a lot of the footage I wrote about back at Comic Con.

What I said then holds true now, though this clip puts much more upbeat music over what, in its theatrical form, will be a fairly quiet, wondrous sequence. That’s suitable for a trailer, though, especially when the task is selling a movie about a grumpy old coot and his flying house. Run this sucker back to back with the Gran Torino spot and see how people react.

Not that I care. I love shots like the one pictured above; note also the ever-present Pixar ball in the girl’s bedroom.

See the trailer in 480p at Disney. Thanks to /Film for the convenient direct link.

OK, the link above seems to be down for now. Gaze at the YouTube embed below until we can get something better.