It only took a few minutes of me bemoaning my coverage of Prometheus 2 (now officially dubbed Alien: Covenant) for there to be an official logo and synopsis of it released. No rest for the wicked, my friends. Here they are from the Prometheus Facebook page:


To quote fellow Chewer and Prometheus defender Travis Newton, “See how they’re pushing the direct connection to Alien? The public spoke and the public wants prequelizing and retconning, and they’ll bitch when they get it.” I can’t disagree with him. This movie is doomed to be torn to shreds under the scrutinizing scythes of fanboys, especially since it’s kind of being pushed (at this point) as the real Alien prequel that Prometheus was teased to be. As derivative as the synopsis sounds (another ship finds another bad thing on a planet), I like the idea of David as the sole inhabitant of an alien world. Fassbender’s android was easily the best thing about Prometheus‘ story, so more of him is probably the smart way to go. I wonder if this means Noomi Rapace has been written out. Seeing as her religious quest was the big arc of Prometheus, it’d be a tad shitty to see her totally wiped away. Oh well, if more David is the payoff, I guess I can make that sacrifice.

I even notice that the logo is leaning on that green coloring that has come to define the original. film. We’ll have to see how things shake out, but don’t pretend like you ain’t gonna see this movie.

Alien: Covenant will be released on Oct 6, 2017.

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