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I’m getting a teensy bit tired of writing about all the back-and-forth with Prometheus 2. I already reported that Ridley Scott’s sequel had phased out Neill Blomkamp’s proposed Aliens sequel, and within that piece was a tidbit about the title changing to Alien: Paradise Lost. Well, whether it be for actual creative reasons or the marketing department deciding to nix the title (too many letters to print), Prometheus 2 has changed names yet again. Now, we can all get used to calling it Alien: Covenant. Do you get the biblical references here, people? Ridley Scott is mad deep with the Gospel knowledges, yo.

I know that a version of Prometheus was once called Alien: Paradise, so it’s pretty clear that ol’ Riddles has had this theological flim-flam rolling around in his brain for a while. Maybe his old age has him contemplating the afterlife more and more, and he’s trying to get tight with JC before he shuffles off this mortal coil. Don’t believe that RidDog is down with the Lamb of God? He has stated that Jesus was an emissary of the Engineers. He said that.

Whatever Prometheus 2 ends up being called, I’m sure it’s going to be as controversially received as its predecessor, especially with Ridley saying that he’s deliberately trying to connect up to Alien. Here’s hoping it’s at least as gorgeous to ogle as Prometheus was. And that we learn more about David’s favorite films.

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