The Losers is a damn fun little comic series, especially considering it’s drawn by a guy who flies a plane with his snake*.

When Peter Berg was in line to helm the film I had feelings that it could be a mixture of the fun of his work on The Rundown mixed with the grit of The Kingdom, which is 100% in line with the mindset it’d take to make the comic come to life vividly on the screen.

Now… brace yourselves for awesome.

The director of Stomp the Yard is going to make it.

Sylvain White. You may know Mr. White from his groundbreaking music video and commercial work and for his DTV sequels to Trois and I Know What You Did Last Summer or you may be someone who foolishly watches entire films devoted to dancing.

He’s also attached to Castlevania, which if made would have a .016% chance of being better than Van Helsing, a very not good movie.

The Losers was a fun old war comic given new life by Andy Diggle and Jock [which sounds like a ventriloquist act] as a covert ops team book but as I see more evidence it seems that people who can shoot the shit out of a movie just simply isn’t enough (use almost every video game and comic movie that doesn’t feature Christian Bale, Tobey Maguire, Ron Perlman, Hugh Jackman, or Robert Downey, Jr.) and I am not in a position to consider Mr. White a member of the elite directors to make a movie like this worth anticipating.

You know who should do The Losers?


Not the guy who made Stomp the Yard.

But this is an opinion site and there’s mine.

* Even Indiana Jones references make me a little sad these days.